Oct 1, 2012


October is here. It always seems to take forever every year, doesn't it? The summers tend to hang around way too long, and the autumns before it, while here, are fleeting. But this big giant world of ours keeps spinning, and another October has been delivered to us. I'd like to celebrate it for as long as possible, before the final minutes of October 31st rear their head and tease the remaining eleven months where things don't seem quite so special.

And so begins "31 Days of Halloween." Be sure to check back with me each day for a Halloween related post. From not-so-traditional Halloween movie recommendations, to books you should definitely be checking out, to original fiction by yours truly, to even a couple Shitty Flick entries; every day will be its own entity - its own mini celebration of the most misunderstood day of the year.

Get ready...

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