Oct 23, 2012



The Story 

The pumpkin is a symbol of celebration to people around the world. The origin of the pumpkin can be traced to North American seeds dating back to 7000 BC. The word pumpkin comes from the word "pepon", which is Greek for "large melon" and later changed by American colonists to "pumpkin". Colonists would often slice off the pumpkin top, remove the seeds, and fill it with cream, honey, eggs and spices. They cooked the pumpkin in hot ashes until blackened then enjoyed its contents. Pumpkin Face Rum honors the spirit of this tradition by filling the bottle with the finest ultra premium rum in the world. Continue the tradition and celebrate the pumpkin! 

The Rum 

Pumpkin Face White - Beautiful, delicious, and naturally smooth. 
Pumpkin Face Reserve - A blend of decades old hand selected aged Dominican rums. 
Pumpkin Face 23 - Made in 1980, aged 23 years in Oak barrels, and rested for over another decade in Dominican Republic, this rum shows extraordinary elegance with complexity. 

A very classy rum brewed by some very classy folks. I have sampled of the white and it is delicious. Have yet to crack open the green (I almost don't want to), which was aged 23 years.

Click the image above to read more about Pumpkin Face Rum, check out their Facebook, and order your bottles today. (And as a tip, if you live in one of the lame states that forbids the receipt of alcohol, Liquorama has found a wonderful loophole around that and ships to 45 states.)

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