Aug 24, 2019


Hello Betsy.  
Hi, it's Travis. 
How ya doin'? 
Listen, uh, I'm, I'm sorry about the, the other night. 
I didn't know that was the way you felt about it. 
Well, I-I didn't know that was the way you felt. 
I-I-I would have taken ya somewhere else. 
Uh, are you feeling better or oh you maybe had a virus or somethin', a 24-hour virus you know. It happens. 
Yeah, umm, you uh, you're workin' hard. Yeah. 
Uh, would you like to have, uh, some dinner, uh with me in the next, you know, few days or somethin'? 
Well, how about just a cup of coffee? I'll come by the, uh, headquarters or somethin', we could, uh... 
Oh, OK, OK. 
Did you get my flowers in the...?
You didn't get them? I sent some flowers, uh... 
Yeah, well, OK, OK. 
Can I call you again? Uh, tomorrow or the next day? 
OK. No, I'm gonna... 
OK. Yeah, sure, OK. So long.

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