Jul 7, 2012


I am a lot like The Narrator in Fight Club, only I haven't yet hit the bottom of the barrel and realized I don't need to own every single thing in Ikea to feel complete. I like looking at home stuff, and while browsing through Amazon's coffee tables I found this fella by accident. The price at the time hovered around $50, and while tempted, I couldn't justify buying a fake bird to sit on a table and never utilize ever again.

Unfortunately it's listed as "currently unavailable" on Amazon, and who knows if it will ever be back in stock.

But you guys should keep an eye on it and buy it for me for my birthday, which I should mention is every single day, so you can never be wrong.

Sound good?

Jul 6, 2012

Jul 5, 2012



I loved this very introspective Civil War-era zombie movie from filmmaker John Geddes. If I can ever get my foot out of my mouth about it, I may just review it. But for now, a beautiful piece of music from the unfortunately unavailable soundtrack.

Jul 2, 2012


Face Eating Attack In China: Drunken Bus Driver Allegedly Bites Woman's Nose, Lips

A woman was allegedly attacked in Wenzhou, China on Tuesday by a drunken bus driver who chewed off part of her face.

A woman has been hospitalized in China after a drunken bus driver allegedly attacked her and began gnawing on her face.

The woman, identified as "Du," was driving near a bus station in Wenzhou on Tuesday when a man ran into the street, blocking her car. The man, a bus driver identified as "Dong," allegedly climbed onto the hood of Du's car and began hitting the windshield, according to the Malaysia Chronicle.

Du got out of the car, and allegedly Dong tackled her to the ground, where he began chewing on her face, according to Shanghai Daily. Witnesses say they attempted to pull Dong off of her, but were unable to do so.

Dong was ultimately stopped by police, What's On Dalian reports. Officers say he had drunk around 1.75 ml of strong liquor prior to the incident.

Doctors say Dong did enough damage to the woman's face that she will need plastic surgery to repair her nose and lips.