Apr 28, 2013


Ash, can you hear me? Ash?

Yes, I can hear you.

What was your special order?
You read it.
I thought it was clear.

What was it?

Bring back life form.
Priority One.
All other priorities rescinded.

The damn company.
What about our lives,
you son of a bitch?

I repeat,
all other priorities are rescinded.

How do we kill it Ash?
There's gotta be a way of killing it.
How do we do it?

You can't.

That's bullshit.

You still don't understand
what you're dealing with, do you?
Perfect organism.
Its structural perfection is
matched only by its hostility.

You admire it.

I admire its purity.
A survivor...
unclouded by conscience,
or delusions of morality.

I've heard enough of this,
and I'm asking you to pull the plug.

Last word.

I can't lie to you about your chances, but...
you have my sympathies. 

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