Oct 1, 2013


Another October is upon us. They seem to come rather quickly while somehow also taking forever to get here. That makes no sense, really; yet, you know exactly what I'm talking about, don't you?

For another year, The End of Summer will be celebrating Halloween every single day of October. There is some fun stuff lined up that I hope you'll enjoy. We've got several contests/giveaways on the horizon, an interview with a pretty delightful singer/songwriter, a surprise/personal announcement from yours truly, along with the usual: a new entry in Unsung Horrors, Shitty Flicks, some recommendations for October viewing/reading, and lots more. I hope you'll check in every day for a tiny piece of Halloween I'll be sharing. You might just win and/or learn yourself something.

Happy October, chums. Let's get observin'.

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