Sep 8, 2014


Samantha Clairmont, 11, was a girl with Muscular Dystrophy who was beaten to death with a kettle and hammer by her grandmother and a nun in 1974, then stuffed into a sofa, because she would not eat her chocolate pudding. The body was found when they dropped it off at a garage sale to be auctioned and a man's dog sniffed it out.

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  1. The Nun looks like a demon in this picture. I went to Catholic school growing up and overall it was a wonderful experience. However, we had ONE problem nun who was as wicked as the Devil himself. I also worked at a respite home once and my supervisor who was meaner than a rattlesnake sat one day at the dining table as she and a nun criticized my work. The nun even mocked me and laughed at me.

    Some nuns are just pure evil. They should just lead normal Christian lives outside of a convent. The nun in this picture looks like a straight up DEMON! THAT is scary. Evil woman with NO heart. Both those women fell ill and died in prison shortly after being sentenced. Not a coincidence. God gave a life for a life. Poor Samantha. At least SHE'S not suffering anymore.