May 16, 2013


Being a night guard in a hospital is not so hard, except for the fact that sometimes you get so scared that you keep on imagining things. I tried to console myself that the weeping I heard was in my own head. 
But it wasn’t so easy.  
I finally got curious and went ahead to check. The weeping sound was increasing as I neared the operation theater. I went nearer, but didn’t find anything. I sighed and was about to retreat when I saw a small boy hiding behind a potted plant. He wasn’t wearing any clothes. I thought he was cold so I offered him my jacket. He took it.  
“What are you doing here at this hour? Did you get lost?”  
“I can't find my mother,” he said still crying.  
“Don’t cry,” I said and picked him up. “I will find you for her. Tell me the room number.”

“I don’t know the room, but I can show you where she is kept. Please take me.” 
He had stopped crying and I took him. He kept on giving me directions. I was amazed. He didn’t have a doubt where to go.  
We reached a room and he said that this was it. But to my surprise, it was the morgue.  
I took him in. I don’t know why, but the boy was so mesmerizing that I took him there without any second thoughts. 

He pointed towards a corpse cupboard numbered 453 and said, “please put me in there.” 
My mind was so numb I didn’t realize what I was doing. I pulled the cupboard. Inside it laid the beautiful, lifeless body of a woman. I put the boy in and closed the cupboard. 
"Thank you," he said.  
I was about to leave when I realized I had lost my mind. I quickly opened locker 453. But it was empty. No small boy, no female corpse. Only my jacket lay there. There was a patient profile beneath that. 
It read: 
Anna Adams: Died of heart attack when she heard the death of her son during operation. 
Below that was the picture of her son. Alex Adams.  
The same boy was smiling at me from the photo.

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