Jan 9, 2013


My story happened almost a year ago. We had recently finished building our new conservatory onto the back of the house. You're able to look straight into it from both the dining room and kitchen, except at night when the curtains in the dining room are pulled over, leaving only the kitchen.
So...I'm an incredibly bad sleeper, which usually means that I stay up at night on the computer long after everyone else has went to bed. Well anyway, it's about 5:20 in the morning and I decided to switch the computer off and hit the hay. Before I did that, however, I decided to get a glass of water from the kitchen. The house was pitch black by this stage.
As I filled my water I turned my head and looked in the conservatory, at which point I noticed there was someone sitting in there. It would have been impossible for someone to get in; I locked the exit and entrance earlier that night. It couldn't have been my reflection in the glass; this guy looked nothing like me. He had short and tidy hair, thick rimmed glasses, buttoned up shirt and was glowing white. The worst thing of all was how he was positioned. He was sitting down on one of the new chairs, back straight, hands on his legs, all the while staring at the locked door, almost as if he was waiting for me to let him in the house.
I sat the water down and ran for my room at the top of the house. I decided I was going to stay up for awhile with the light on and just turn it off when it got bright outside. So, I'm lying in bed when suddenly the light switches itself off.
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