Jan 20, 2015


A very unsettling and odd vanishing happened to Christopher Thompkins from Ellerslie, Georgia. He was last seen by work mates standing on the shoulder of the road facing the woods at 1.30pm on 25th January 2002. He literally vanished within seconds leaving the survey crew very perplexed. They walked back to where they had seen him only to find his boot hanging on the barbed wire fence along with blue fabric from his pants. On the ground beneath were coins that had fallen from his pocket. The woods on the other side of the fence were inhospitable and swampy.

David Paulides, former lawman turned investigator, tells us that during his time working with traffic accidents he has seen shoes left behind by people who were literally “hit so fast that they were knocked right out of them”. He says that logistically it looks like Christopher was reefed out of his boots and dragged through the fence in such a position that all the coins fell out of his pocket.

When gravity drags coins to the ground it means that the opening for the coins was either facing the ground or the container holding the coins was removed at a great speed - very similar to the magician who removes the tablecloth without disturbing the cutlery. This means that Chris was either upside down or sideways.

Six months later the rancher who owned the land found the other missing boot 900 yards away next to the swamp. Christopher Tompkins is still missing.


  1. As noted, David Paulides, a former San Jose, CA police officer and detective, has pursued a second career as an author writing about unexplained disappearances in American national parks and other North American venues. He has discussed this case in his radio appearances. One thing I discount here is foul play by his co-workers, possibly racially motivated. Nothing is impossible but these were skilled workers, surveyors, and these usually are people of higher caliber. For another thing, I doubt a black person would have been a novelty to them. Some or all of them may have been in the military or have been on a varsity team.

    The only thing I have heard that suggests possible stereotyped racial attitudes on the part of Tompkins's co-workers was that they expressed the belief that he may have walked off the job. Not that white men, young or old, don't do that sometimes.

    In a case like this, you have to consider the normal terrestrial explanations of foul play, animal predation or mental aberration on the part of the missing person. But Paulides has collected and documented hundreds of case of people who simply suddenly have disappeared while momentarily out of the sight of the people they are with. Paulides says the persons who disappear often are either the first or the last person in a line of people.

    His forensic interest is in proving that these events do in fact occur. But he refuses to take sides on the issue of what the reason might be. That has proven to be an intelligent choice on his part because the advocates of the various possible explanations both normal and paranormal often are extremely adamant in their views.