Jul 26, 2013


Based on true events, The Conjuring is an upcoming horror flick about a Rhode Island family terrorized by evil spirits. A trailer for the film offers plenty of scares, but it seems the movie’s cast and crew experienced plenty of frights themselves. Production notes from Warner Bros. describe a number of the strange events that occurred during the making of The Conjuring.

The Conjuring is told from their perspective of real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. Screenwriters Chad and Carey Hayes often called Lorraine to discuss the case, though static frequently interrupted their conversations and the line had a habit of going dead. Though the Hayes were puzzled, Lorraine wasn’t surprised.

“We’re about to expose the dark side of the dark side, and it doesn’t want good to win,” Warren told the brothers. “I’m surprised there isn’t a lot more interference.”

Claw Marks
Actress Vera Farmiga, who plays Lorraine Warren in the film, was fascinated by the events in The Conjuring, but felt uneasy reading the script. Farmiga admits she wouldn’t read the script at home or at night and could only review the story in “fits and spurts,” lest she be overwhelmed by fear. One day, Farmiga opened her laptop and saw five claw marks slashed across the screen.

“I don’t know how to explain it,” the actress said. “I do know I hadn’t dropped the computer, and my children hadn’t stepped on it. So I gingerly closed it, put it away, and then my brain just went berserk.”

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  1. Loved the film and gave it an incredibly generous, but well-deserved rating of 4/5. I may go see it again!

  2. I liked it a lot as well and I would give it the same rating. My only complaint is it felt too familiar at times - like the film felt obligated to visit a lot of the same tropes from other ghost films (the dead dog, the child who communicates with the ghost, etc.). But James Wan consistently proves he knows how to create genuinely creepy imagery. I think that film in the hands of another filmmaker would have been dull and uninspired.

    I have heard they are now turning the film into a franchise. I would only remain interested if James Wan directs each entry.

  3. Good review. Had a bunch of fun with this one, even if I'm not the biggest horror fan of all time.