Jun 13, 2012


Exclusive: Phantasm 5 a Reality
June 5th, 2012

You read the headline. You have the same questions we all do. While at this point in time we cannot elaborate on many details, we can tell you this... the ball has definitely not stopped spinning, and there are wonderfully ghastly things on the way!

Before we get into details surrounding what we know, remember this - we rarely publish stories that are pure rumor, and if we do, we're very upfront about it. We would NOT tell you guys that Phantasm 5 is happening and happening soon unless we were at least 95% sure of the news. That being said...

We just got off the wire with our very own Rob Delamorte, who has been informed by an extremely reliable source that Phantasm 5 is fully scripted and will begin filming this year. You can expect to hear more about this one soon.

Let the speculation begin.

As expected, as of right now some of the folks behind the Phantasm franchise are either remaining tight-lipped or giving statements such as Don Coscarelli did to Bloody Disgusting... "I have no solid news to report on a new project now," which is kind of a standard and dubious answer. Why not just say this is definitely not happening or all the reports are false? There's always a margin for error when running a news site, but we're sticking to our guns with this one. Time will tell. Stay tuned.
I'd give this world a million Batmans, James Bonds, and Indiana Jones, if it gave me just one more Phantasm...

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