Oct 7, 2014


Harry Houdini died on October 31, 1926, at Grace Hospital in Detroit. The official cause of death was peritonitis, internal poisoning resulting from a ruptured appendix. It seems quite appropriate that the world's most famous magician should pass away on the year's most "magical" day. 

For a full ten years after Houdini's death, his wife Bess conducted a séance on October 31. These séances were always attended by the top names in magic, as well as personal friends of the great magician. Houdini had told Bess that if it were possible, he would send a message to her "from beyond", in secret code. Though Bess herself stopped participating in the séances after 1937, members of the magic fraternity have kept the tradition. Each Halloween, there are numerous Houdini séances held in various locations around the world.

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