Nov 2, 2012


(Updated post with more specific information can be found here.)

If you're reading this, it's because you have likely seen Sinister and are attempting to seek out the very creepy and unusual music heard during the footage of the families being killed. If you went looking for this in the original soundtrack release from Christopher Young, then you were left disappointed.

The music you seek can be found here.

(Spoilers will be flying fast and furious from now until the end of this post.)


Track 1
Family Hanging Out '11
Artist: Ulver
Song: Silence Teaches You How To Sing - Part I

This is the song set to the disturbing footage of the family being hung from a tree branch in their own backyard. The actual song itself is 24 minutes long, and given that this sequence is not nearly that long, only a portion of the song is used. This edited version represents the shortened version used in the film.


Track 2
BBQ '79
Artist: Ulver
Song: Silence Teaches You How To Sing - Part II

Another portion of the same song plays as another family burns to death duct taped and chained inside their car. This is the song that has the infamous chanting.


Track 3
Pool Party '66
Artist: Judgehydrogen
Song: A Body of Water

As another family is tied to lawn chairs and pulled into a pool one by one, this song can be heard playing.


Track 4
Sleepy Time '96
Artist: Aghast
Song: Sacrifice

This especially disturbing sequence features the use of this song, which plays as each family member slowly has his/her throat cut.


Track 5
Lawn Work '86
Artist: Accurst
Song: Fragment # 9

This song, taken from Accurst's album called Fragments of a Nightmare, plays during the most jolting moment in the film - the deranged lawn mower scene.


Track 6
House Painting '12
Artist: Sunn O))) & Boris
Song: Blood Swamp

Things don't end so well for Ellison and his family with the final "footage" track that plays as his young daughter paints the house in her family's blood. The version of this song is shortened, reflecting that of the version used for another film called The Limits of Control. This version also reflects the one used in Sinister.


Track 7
End Titles
Artist: Boards of Canada
Song: Gyroscope

This song plays first when Ellison burns the home movies and his family begins packing to leave, as well as makes a reprisal during the end credits. This is the song with the very unusual dragging drum beat.


The tracks listed below are also used in Sinister, but I'm afraid I can't remember at which point during the film they are played. They're listed below in no particular order. If anyone out there can shed any insight on the scenes where these tracks are played, I'd sure appreciate it.


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  1. Thanks, nice post! I've been looking for these since seeing the film the other day.

  2. Great work of blog journalism.
    Thanks for this and keep up the good work.

  3. Nice work my friend. Now for the hunting!

  4. Sooooo I see that you have all of these songs (nice work) but I'm looking for one song in particular. I remember from the DVD menu, the background music they play. I can't seem to find the name or even who it's by. If there is someway you could find out, It'd be MAJORLY appreciated! (:

    1. Mystery solved - it's actually a snippet from Portrait of Mr. Boogie, taken from the official score by Chris Young.

  5. Where is the super 80s sounding one that comes before the chanting one on the BBQ scene?

    1. If you mean the somber piano-driven one, that's part of the same Ulver track.

  6. An excellent article, helped me locate all the tracks and I've given this link to numerous third parties. Thank you!!

  7. this rules dude, thanks so much!

  8. Seeing that I'm a follower of the Dark Ambient genre and Ulver is probably my favorite band of all time, this movie was such an unexpected surprise. I got more and more excited as I recognized song after song. Whoever selected the music tracks for the film has excellent taste.

    1. If your favorite band is Ulver, then you're not a good dark ambient follower, there are DOZENS of better projects than them ;)

  9. An excellent article. I got so enthralled by the music, that I decided I needed to listen to it again and again. Definitely, gave the movie a darker ambient. Thank you so much.

    (I found an article on imdb which lists some other songs that aren't here:

    But mostly they are on the Christopher Young OST)

  10. Thoroughly fantastic article. Thank you.

  11. I had seen the 'footage' music on YouTube but was looking for the 'End Credits'/dragging drum track. Thank you so much. :)

  12. Do you, or does anyone know of, the music used during the "snake in the attic" scene? Particularly, right after the snake is gone & is playing while Ellison is looking at the 'kid murder drawings' on the inside of that box lid.

    Much obliged,


    1. Might be 'Horror in the Canisters," which is on the official score soundtrack release.

    2. Actually it is "Calls from the grave" from Aghast. Almost nobody has recognized this track yet.

    3. I did...eventually.

  13. You are good man props to you. And thank u been looking for this for ever.

  14. Do you know what music accompanies at least two scenes in which Oswalt watches the 8mm movies?

    1. Portrait of Mr. Boogie, taken from the official score by Chris Young.

  15. Thanks very much.

  16. An excellent site; thanks for putting Sinister Tracks together. Been fascinated with it since hearing the closing credit track and discovering BofCA and Gyroscope AND the shortwave numbers stations. Truly creepy stuff. Now am checking out the other artists listed here, especially Fragments of a Nightmare.