The End of Summer launched in July of 2011 with the intention of bringing you musings on darker and offbeat films, music, lit, art, and consumables; highlights of the macabre; collected ghost stories and urban legends; real and nasty news stories plucked from the headlines; original fiction by yours truly; and other oddities you'll have to see to believe. The blog updates every night at midnight, so there is constant oddness for you to enjoy. You can also follow The End of Summer on the Facebook, the Twitter, the RSS Feed Thing, or shoot me an e-mail and ask, "Just what, exactly, is wrong with you?" If you're a filmmaker, author, musician, or other such person who considers him/herself worthy of attention, check out my review policy below and see if you meet my very minimal requirements. If you'd like to plug something, or partake in an interview, I'm your Huckleberry.
The End of Summer is a proud member of the Horror Blogger Alliance, a blogger community dedicated to the individuals that pour their tireless effort, heart, and soul into writing about the horror genre. The Alliance is an open-admission organization that will hopefully be used to promote new and existing blogs and bloggers, and help introduce the community to a wide variety of different talents. Interested in joining? It's so very easy. As they say, "Here is your chance to become friends with others who love the same thing you do... horror, the unexplained, or the macabre!"


The End of Summer is happy to receive any and all promotional materials, such as films, music, books, and other oddities, for review. Sometimes folks contact me, sometimes I contact them. Most of the time folks ignore me. Ha!



I mostly review everything solicited. However, if I react very negatively to said promotional material, I won't review – whether I asked you for it, or you asked me to do it. Because I am low man on the totem pole of the blogosphere, it stands to reason I am not being contacted by the bigger folks, but the smaller ones who are starting at the bottom and working their way up, with limited funds and resources. In situations like these, I feel no reason to put any bad publicity out there, though I'll happily roast a film decades old and celebrate it under my Shitty Flicks banner, or occasionally eviscerate something whose creators exhibited nothing but contempt for their audiences. (This doesn't happen often, but when it does, I don't really hold back.)

That being said, I'm usually pretty lenient.

As for the medium, physical packages are preferred. DVD-rs are cool, and retail versions are even better if they contain special features you'd like me to highlight. (I don't have the patience for online screeners. Sorry.)



Sometimes things end up in my mailbox that I didn't ask for, nor had any idea was coming. In theory, I don't mind that, but much of this is stuff I have no interest in reviewing. If someone sends me something unannounced, I'll research it online beforehand, whether that be by watching a trailer, listening to samples, or you know, whatever. I can usually tell right then if it's something I'd be able to fairly review. While I will consider everything sent to me, you're better off sending me a press release/feeler beforehand to potentially avoid wasting money on materials and shipping.

The "No, Thanks" Checklist

Does your film feature:
  • a cast primarily made up of Suicide Girls, or girls cavorting as unlicensed versions?
  • an abundance of gimmicky and seedy sex?
  • a trailer scored with death metal?
  • the desire only to shock with violence?
  • a cast consisting of three or more horror stars that you see at every horror convention? 
  • a camera also used to shoot Uncle Larry's wedding?
If so...no, thanks.

And if you send an unsolicited online viewing screener, chances are I won't bother. Just being honest. As I said above, I don't have the patience. You want me to review your film? Well I want to watch it while on my couch. If you can make that happen, you're already ahead of the game.

If you're (still) interested in having The End of Summer review your film, album, book, or other odds-and-ends, please get in touch.


  1. It's a pity that you won't update the blog anymore. I foud it yesterday looking for the OST of Sinister and stayed for the stories. I don't even know if you'd ever read this message. Even the facebook page was deleted. Hope you start posting again. Best regards.

    1. I still do maintenance from time to time, but the blog will remain static with no new updates, unfortunately. I'm always accessible if you ever want to chew the fat, however.