Mar 3, 2013


From what I have seen, I am not the only one out there enthralled by Sinister's music. Because of this, I've attempted to assemble my own "complete" soundtrack, using the avant-garde tracks featured in the film, but not available on the official score release attributed to composer Christopher Young. (My first attempt can be found below as well as here, which includes streaming audio of some [but not all] of the tracks.)

And it turns out in my previous post that I was very incorrect about Christopher Young's score. Turns out much of it does appear - it's just that the filmmakers did such a good job of combining his score, the soundtrack, and the sound design that all of it is nearly indecipherable from one another. However, some tracks, like "Levantation," "Sinister," "Pollock Type Pain," "Don't Worry Daddy, I'll Make You Famous," and "The Eater of Children" don't appear at all (though the latter may be layered over the finale use of "Blood Swamp" - very hard to tell.)

Below is a track list containing all the music used in the film, in the order in which it appears. You won't find any download links here - this is only a resource. The bold track titles are the names I gave them. Most of them pretty much name themselves, considering the home movies the tracks accompany are clearly labeled in the film. Additionally, most of Young's score is a collection of mini suites. For instance, the first track "Portrait of Mr. Boogie" is a juxtaposition of a few different themes meshed together, along with some other material never used. I cut some of this up and re-ordered it where appropriate with a new title. You won't find this version anywhere - it's in my own private stash - but I put these edited tracks in the below list to serve as place holders.

Anywhere, here goes:

1. Family Hanging Out '11
Silence Teaches You How To Sing (Part I) - Ulver

2. Showtime (Taken from "Portrait of Mr. Boogie") - Christopher Young

3. Family Hanging Out '11 (Reprise)
Silence Teaches You How To Sing (Part II) - Ulver

4. The Tree (Taken from "Portrait of Mr. Boogie") - Christopher Young

5. Never Go in Dad's Office - Christopher Young

6. BBQ '79
Silence Teaches You How To Sing (Part III) - Ulver

7. Horror in the Canisters - Christopher Young

8. Night Terrors (Taken from "Portrait of Mr. Boogie") - Christopher Young 

9. Pool Party '66
A Body of Water - Judge Hydrogen

10. Sleepy Time '98
Sacrifice - Aghast

11. Attic Drawings
Call from the Grave - Aghast

12. Rot Not, Want Not - Christopher Young

13. In the Backyard
Enter the Hall of Ice - Aghast

14. Millimeter Music - Christopher Young

15. Lawn Work '86
Fragment # 9 - Accurst

16. Bughuul
Fragment # 3 - Accurst 

17. The Children Come Out
Fragment # 1 - Accurst 

18. My Sick Piano - Christopher Young

19. Rude Awakening
Enthral - Aghast

20. Into the Attic
Waking Cthulhu - Aghast Manor

21. Burning the Films
Gyroscope - Boards of Canada

22. House Painting '12
Blood Swamp - Sunn O))) & Boris

23. End Credits
Gyroscope (Reprise) - Boards of Canada

Still Needs a Home: 
Daniel Wehr - CineTronic Blood (No idea when this appears, but it's listed in the closing credits.)

Silence Teaches You How To Sing appears in three parts; it is actually only one 25-minute song.

All Fragment tracks by band Accurst can be found on one compilation: "Fragments of a Nightmare." Amazon has some pretty cheap used copies, as well as MP3 download.

Gyroscope by Boards of Canada plays twice: while it's used for the end credits in an extended reprise fashion, it's also used at the climax when Ellison burns the film and he and his family flee the house.

A Body of Water by Judge Hydrogen is also used for Sinister's red band trailer.

Happy assembling.

Below appears my original post from several months ago. It's rather basic, but provides audio samples of non-score tracks that appear in the film, along with where they appear:

If you're reading this, it's because you have likely seen Sinister and are attempting to seek out the very creepy and unusual music heard during the footage of the families being killed. If you went looking for this in the original soundtrack release from Christopher Young, then you were left disappointed.

The music you seek can be found here.

(Spoilers will be flying fast and furious from now until the end of this post.)


Track 1
Family Hanging Out '11
Artist: Ulver
Song: Silence Teaches You How To Sing - Part I

This is the song set to the disturbing footage of the family being hung from a tree branch in their own backyard. The actual song itself is 25 minutes long, and given that this sequence is not nearly that long, only a portion of the song is used. This edited version represents the shortened version used in the film.


Track 2
BBQ '79
Artist: Ulver
Song: Silence Teaches You How To Sing - Part II

Another portion of the same song plays as another family burns to death duct taped and chained inside their car. This is the song that has the infamous chanting.


Track 3
Pool Party '66
Artist: Judgehydrogen
Song: A Body of Water

As another family is tied to lawn chairs and pulled into a pool one by one, this song can be heard playing.


Track 4
Sleepy Time '96
Artist: Aghast Song: Sacrifice

This especially disturbing sequence features the use of this song, which plays as each family member slowly has his/her throat cut.


Track 5
Lawn Work '86
Artist: Accurst
Song: Fragment # 9

This song, taken from Accurst's album called Fragments of a Nightmare, plays during the most jolting moment in the film - the deranged lawn mower scene.


Track 6
House Painting '12
Artist: Sunn O))) & Boris
Song: Blood Swamp

Things don't end so well for Ellison and his family with the final "footage" track that plays as his young daughter paints the house in her family's blood. The version of this song is shortened, reflecting that of the version used for another film called The Limits of Control. This version also reflects the one used in Sinister.


Track 7
End Titles
Artist: Boards of Canada
Song: Gyroscope

This song plays first when Ellison burns the home movies and his family begins packing to leave, as well as makes a reprisal during the end credits. This is the song with the very unusual dragging drum beat.


  1. Hey this is FABTASTIC. Thanks so much for this excellent sleuthing. Does anyone know what is the creepy song on the end credits that fades in AFTER Gyroscope?

    1. I believe that's a variation of "Portrait of Mr. Boogie" by Christopher Young.

  2. dude, thank you for posting this, both elements of the soundtrack are great, and i'm a huge stickler for listening to albums "in order", so this is a huge help in compiling a "real" soundtrack for the film.